Tension Fabric Collection

Waveline systems is a light-weighted aluminum tube frame system. It offer a complete line if trade show display

With numerous design models. Washable tension fabrics pillowcase graphic wrap over the frame structure to express a perfect display in tradeshow.
We use Premium Heat Transfer Dye -Sublimation Printing (HDS) for the backdrop material.


1. Tool-free speedy & easy set up.
2. Wide Format & sewing collaboration technique to ensure smoothness through-out the whole graphic.
3. UV resistant, anti- fading & washable tension fabric which is durable & cost-effective.
4. Dye-sublimation enhances vivid graphic without having chemical smell & environmental friendly.
5. Tension Fabric can be folded & easy to transport
6. Stylist & unique texture presentation
7. Shape-look image on tension fabric with solf & tender feeling

Sets up in minutes with the push of a button and is ultra lightweight to cut costs.

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